Monument Ring
Monument Ring
Monument Ring
Monument Ring

Monument Ring

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Matte oxidization wears away to reveal a solid .925 silver ring. The irregular bulges and crevasses created during the molding stage of product development will lead to a unique wear pattern; a manipulation of the traditional signet ring. Set in the ravine, a black diamond will slowly unveil itself over time.

Top: 12 weeks of wear

Bottom: 0 weeks of wear

1.25mm certified conflict free black diamond



We are committed to make clothing that will last a lifetime- given a few repairs here or there, and approach every step of production with a sense of responsibility. All clothing and jewelry is made in Los Angeles, California with ethical practices and living wages. The company will never burn unsold merchandise, and pledges to continuously learn about developments in the field of sustainability.


For Collection 02, we've utilized locally milled or deadstock material almost exclusively. The remainder (one style) is a post-consumer polyester that is produced from recycled PET bottles, blended with organic cotton and milled in Missouri.  Deadstock material is excess yardage produced but unfortunately not used in a mass production cycle. We are happy to share the following styles that use deadstock fabric. Our waistcoat uses a deadstock waxed cotton rather than a leather. Both the brown and black pants are fabricated with a Japanese cotton sourced deadstock in Los Angeles. Our reinforced-knee shorts use a deadstock duck canvas that has not undergone bleaching or dyeing. All t-shirts are milled locally in Los Angeles with a leader in knitwear production. The Angeles Camp, Independence Rock, and White Drifter t-shirts are all made sans bleach or dye. Our black shorts are milled in Missouri with 50% recycled polyester and 50% organic cotton. We also love our seed-based buttons which are 100% natural & non-toxic.


Through all of our fulfillment, we are using either recyclable, compostable, and/or post-consumer product. All poly bags & mailers are 100% post-consumer input and completely recycled. Don't forget to reuse them too as there is a second row of adhesive for continued use! Tape is water-activated. We are also retail tagless as you can find all relevant information online. However, if you do have any questions, always feel free to email


Thank you & may we continue to improve with each item we pursue,


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